Minggu, 23 Januari 2011

Rapa'i Daboh Aceh

This is the art joked with death of the oldest in the country named Rapai daboh. "Haram you drink my blood, you touch my skin is haram, forbidden you to eat flesh. Wire tendons, bones, iron, steel skin. I'm out of the mother's womb. I went to the sentence la ilaha illahu ", so the mantra uttered by the Caliph Rapai, in a group rapa'i. Dabohser makrifat believe with that we run. Iron (weapon) sharply different kinds of it, with the permission of God, to hear requests daboser. in short, daboser mengulitimatum dangerous objects so as not to harm it. Historically, Rapai daboh actually relate to congregations Rifa'iyah Nurrudin brought into Aceh's Ar-Raniry 16th century. These congregations have a convention, when in a state of epiphany, glad to 'meet' with God, they menghantamkam sharp objects into their bodies. His philosophy, no effort but because God alone. So if God does not allow a knife, machete, machetes or bullets even hurt them, then they would not hurt. some sources also mention, when the Dutch Cut arrested and taken to West Java, Aceh heroine was accompanied by Rapai daboh by several bodyguards who have supernatural powers and knowledge Rapai daboh. This congregation came to known as Minang Dabuih. Somehow the details, Debus Banten in the 18th entry. After spreading, each region the right to have a whistle. Arts Rapai daboh, relying on spiritual proficiency in the use of sharp weapons by a variety of agility quite tense and thrilling. In Rapai daboh Events (Urouh) each party at least one of kuru (12 Rapai) and a maximum of 5 kuru (60 pieces Rapai). The parties that competed in a circle and both sides made diatara boundary markers. Midst - the middle of the players there was a Caliph raised his hand high - high, there came a shrill cry followed by wasps voice, simultaneously, followed by zikee (welcome greeting.) At the time - when a blow Rapai started fast, view the whistle player with skills and courage that is high enough to use sharp weapons and burn themselves with fire that makes any audience breathless. If there is a whistle player who suffered an injury or wound in these attractions, (Due to errors in hitting Rapai, or others who want to try the height of his knowledge), the Caliph will immediately intervene, by simply sweeping the injured part by hand Caliphs, soon blood will stop flowing and the wound immediately and even then disappears instantly

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